Hebi Keda Instrumentation Co., Ltd. Main Products: Calorimeter, Sulfur Detector, Sulfur Determinator, Coal Quality Analyzer Series, Colloidal Detector, Muffle Furnace, Box Type High Temperature Furnace Series, Calorific Value, Ash Melting point series

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Hebi Keda Instrument Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock system specializing in the research, development, production and sales of coal quality analysis equipment, coal quality testing equipment, coal testing equipment, coal testing equipment, coal testing equipment, and coal testing equipment. Science and technology leading enterprises. The main products of coal quality analysis instruments are: calorimeter, sulfur measuring device, sulfur determination device, coal quality analyzer series, colloidal layer measuring device, muffle furnace, box type high temperature furnace series, calorific value, ash melting point series, etc. The products are widely used in laboratories and laboratories of coal, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, geology, colleges and universities and technical supervision departments. The company takes "" Based on the Central Plains, radiates the country, and goes to the world "" as its corporate development strategy, pursues "" pursuits product innovation and customer satisfaction "as its goal; builds" "laboratory equipment integration to make the market bigger, stronger, and excellent. The company's products are implemented unconditionally: one month warranty, three months warranty replacement, twelve months warranty, and quality service for life!

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